Make School Mornings Easier

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SCHOOL DAY MORNINGS can be hectic, as getting kids ready for school and out the door on time is not always easy. Working parents may find school day mornings especially difficult, as their own work schedules can make mornings feel even more rushed. Fortunately, parents can employ several strategies to free up time in the […]

Outfitting Students’ Technology Needs

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NOWADAYS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES differ greatly from the markers, protractors and pencil cases required just a few decades ago. Many classrooms are now geared toward digital learning, and items such as tablets, smartboards and laptop computers are essential to enhancing students’ classroom experiences. It’s no surprise then that many students require a long list of tech […]

County Perspective – August 2015

Local Communities Rack up More Accolades

COMMUNITIES IN CARTERET County are receiving more and more national print and digital media recognition in 2015, both as recreation and relocation destinations. Emerald Isle was in the top-10 list of USA Today as one of the best summer beach destinations on the Atlantic coast. Editors wrote that Emerald Isle is “perhaps the most beautiful […]

Chamber Connection – August 2015

Our ‘Summer Glass’ Is Half Full!

AUGUST 7 IS the midway point of the summer season … so there’s still plenty of “hot fun in the summertime” days left to enjoy at the Crystal Coast. Nothing compares to “those summer nights” and a walk on the beach. According to, the Lughnasadh Cross Quarter occurs at 3:56 p.m. on Aug. 7, […]