Discover Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is the oldest of the five towns that dot the beautiful shores of Bogue Banks, the wild beach front that runs parallel to Morehead City and the mainland. The town celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2012 and continues to be a popular family vacation destination as well as a favorite for area residents who are ready to spend a day in the warmth of the sun.   Read more

kite fest (2)

High-Flying Fun

For nearly 30 years Don Dixon, owner of Kites Unlimited, has been organizing Carolina Kite Fest. He waits to have the event until after the tourist season is over and the beach crowds have dwindled. Once the fall breeze rolls in, it’s time to go fly a kite. This year the event will be held […]

Atlantic Beach Mayor’s Notes – October

IN MY LAST article in the Island Review I gave a brief overview of the history of beach nourishment in Atlantic Beach and relayed that we will have to adapt to changes in state regulations and federal funding in order to nourish the westernmost parts of our town. Since the Beaufort Inlet leads to the […]

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