Eddie Barber

MAY IS ALWAYS a beautiful month in Emerald Isle. We have many exciting events taking place in May. I am pleased to announce that the National Day of Prayer will be observed in Emerald Isle on Thursday, May 5 at noon. This year the event will be held around the flag pole at the town administration building. Please join us for this most important event. On Wednesday, May 25 we will dedicate the Sen. Jean Preston Memorial Playground which is located at the boat ramp facility. This event will start at 11am. Words cannot express how excited we are to dedicate our newest playground in memory of a great public servant. This will be a wonderful new addition to Emerald Isle. I would like to personally thank each person who has donated and helped with the park. A special thank you to Trillium, which gave us a grant of $225,000. A big thank you to Judy Wilgus for her tireless leadership in making this dream a reality. May 25 is the birthday of the late senator and what better way to remember her birthday than by dedicating this beautiful playground in her memory.

May also affords us the opportunity to remember all of our service men and women who gave their life for our country on Memorial Day. This year Memorial Day is May 30. Let us remember and let us never forget the sacrifice they made for us to enjoy our freedoms. All too often we think of Memorial Day the start of summer, a big auto race, or a time for a three-day weekend. Let us remember with a thankful heart! In writing this article I found the following prayer from the Archdiocese of Detroit:

“Loving God, today we remember and pay tribute to the men and women of the Armed Services who have died in the defense of our nation; from the days of the Revolution to these days in Iraq and Afghanistan. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we hold so dear. There is no greater love than this, than to lay down one’s life for a friend. It is only by your grace and love they have for you and this nation that gave them the strength to lay down their lives. We beseech you God, to receive these servants of peace into your loving embrace and grant them the eternal peace that surpasses all understanding. We also remember the family members of these great heroes. They too suffer a great and painful sacrifice. Bestow upon them the blessings of your consolation and peace. May you ease their sadness as they continue on the road to serenity and hope. To you we offer this prayer knowing you fulfill the heart’s desire of those who seek you with noble intentions. May our prayer for true and lasting peace be answered in accordance to your will and for the good of your sons and daughters. Grant this our loving God.”

May God bless each and every person. Enjoy the month of May.

Mayor Eddie Barber

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