Gone to the Birds

The eagles have landed! The first bald eagle to arrive at the aquarium, Uwohali, came from the Cape Fear Raptor Center in Rocky Point. She is a juvenile who had both wings amputated near the wrist after flying into a powerline. The second bald eagle, Shagoie Watha, is an adult female who came to the aquarium from TreeHouse Wildlife Center in Dow, Illinois, with her left wing amputated just above the elbow after being found with an irreparable injury. Learn about them and their tremendous story.

Birds-Eye View

Summer is for the birds at the aquarium. A Bird’s-Eye View opens for its tenth season with an all new show. Wise up about owls and other native raptors and water birds. The daily free-flight bird show offers a close look at some impressive birds.

Arrive early for this popular, free program starring native raptors and water birds soaring overhead in Big Rock Theater. The show highlights the unique features of various owls, hawks, pelicans, vultures and other species that can be found across North Carolina. All the birds in the show have injuries or conditions that prevent their release into the wild. A Bird’s-Eye View is offered daily at 11am and 2pm.

Spring into Summer

  • Free fun filled activities emphasize small things anyone can do to enhance ocean health during World Oceans Weekend, June 8-9.
  • Shark Week July 13-19 reveals the mysterious and often misunderstood world of sharks, the top predators of the seas.
  • The Sea Turtle Celebration Aug. 10 features some of the ocean’s most beloved creatures. A highlight is a birthday salute to Nimbus, the rare white sea turtle, who turns 10 in August. The event also outlines many ways beachgoers can help sea turtle hatchlings make it from their nests in the sand to the sea.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding, kayak excursions or other outdoor adventures are offered daily in the summer for additional fees. Kayak and canoe excursions, marsh explorations, evening turtle treks, clamming and crabbing expeditions, and other outdoor adventures also are available weekly in the summer. The activity fees cover any supplies and equipment needed.
  • Kids Night Out offers parents the opportunity to hit the town after hours while providing kids a special night out at the aquarium. Dinner, crafts, programs and activities included.

Extend your aquarium visit with a variety of specialized behind-the-scenes tours with special viewing for sharks, otters, sea turtles and more. See the website for the full schedule and be sure to sign up ahead of time. Programs fill quickly so advance registration is recommended for all fee-based programs.

The NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is 5 miles west of Atlantic Beach at 1 Roosevelt Blvd., Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512. The aquarium is open 9am-5pm daily. For more information, see or call 252-247-4003.

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