We have been hitting the “value your health” speech hard lately. But that is how passionate we are about educating the public on ways to build lifelong health. Today’s topic is going one step further and building your health team.

The health professionals you put in your corner have a direct impact on your personal health. Each person of your team evaluates, coaches, and treats a different piece of your wellbeing. Therefore, it is important you chose coaches who most align with your beliefs and core health values. We often forget we have a direct say and options in who belongs on our healthcare team. Interview and research each potential member of your team. Ask about their credentials, ask current and previous patients/clients about their experience. Does this professional practice what they preach? If they don’t, will you be able to respect them? Are they available to answer your questions? Do they practice preventative care? Do they offer long term options or is it simply on an as needed basis?

Once you have established what you are looking for in a health care professional you can start assembling your team. Naturally the first person everyone looks for is their physician. They will be the main coach, leading your treatment and preventative care. Next, an exercise professional and dietitian are vital additions to your health team. I highly encourage you to have these health team members work together and communicate well. Here at Crystal Coast Wellness and Performance Center we work with multiple physicians, PA’s and nurse practitioners in the area and it increases effectiveness. Each team member can concentrate on their discipline thereby increasing the opportunities for success with each client and patient. Other team members may include chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and health coaches.

When you assemble a team, you’re putting an investment and value into your health. You increase the possibility of success. There are many articles published about the effectiveness of health on your mood, longevity of life, decreased prevalence of some disease and overall well-being. There are also articles citing cost benefit rations for every dollar spent there is an approximate overall savings. Generically the average is approximately $10 saved for every $1 spent on preventative health. Now, I am not a great mathematician, but I understand saving money and I definitely appreciate getting a $10 bill for every $1 I spend!

If you need help or guidance building your team, we are here to help. We would love the opportunity to explain our approach to wellness and core values to you.

Jayme Limbaugh is a mother, wife, avid knitter, coffee addict, aspiring wellness entrepreneur and owner of Anytime Fitness and Crystal Coast Wellness Center.

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