AB King Mackerel Tournament

The 2nd annual Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament is set to raise money for lifesaving equipment on behalf of the Atlantic Beach Volunteer Fire Dept. through its Fish for Life Initiative. The nonprofit tournament will last three weeks, Oct. 6-27. Anglers can fish anytime during the tournament dates, although fish have to be offloaded and weighed at Chasin' Tails, Atlantic Beach, by 7pm each evening. The cost to enter is $250. A captain's party is planned for Friday, Oct. 5 at Memories Beach Club.

This year, the tournament hopes to grow to 100 boats and raise $15,000 for the fire department, which is in need of an AutoPulse Resuscitation System, a transport-friendly system that provides automated CPR to victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

“Giving our dedicated fire department access to this equipment will help save lives in Atlantic Beach, particularly those at risk for drowning where time and efficiency is of vital importance,” said Adam Snyder, fire chief. “We’re grateful to Bojangles’, Neuse Sport Shop and all of our sponsors and participants for helping to raise these critical funds.”

Last year, the tournament provided funding for a beach rescue vehicle for the fire department. “Our community was able to come together at last year’s tournament and raise money for this equipment, which has already saved multiple lives in Atlantic Beach,” said Curt Winbourne of ABKMT (Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament).

The historic, family-friendly tournament is the only of its kind in the area, and everyone is welcome.

“You do not need a big boat to participate, just a love for fishing, and a show of support for your local first responders," said Renea Baker, ABKMT.

To register for the 2018 tournament, visit abkingmack.com.

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